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The right state of mind is the key to progress

A conclusion is a general statement after all new knowledge is integrated in what already existed. A context is the natural environment something fits into. A conclusion places knowledge within its context.


Look, do you see the stupid nephews over there; they are not capable of understanding the things we discuss here. It is sad for them, but not something we can change right now. Some persons simply have a head that is too small for all those big ideas and we should feel sorry for them. What we definitely should not do is feel somehow better as them, feel arrogantly superior to them. The stupid nephews also have the same right of existence as you, and they have their role in the great drama of life too. To think you are a better person as them just because you have read this, would be a big mistake for two reasons: First because it is not true, maybe somebody can run faster than you, does that make him a better person as you? No, a faster runner is not the same as a better person. And for the same reason, you are not a better person as the stupid ducks over there.

The second reason one should not judge too harshly over others that are less gifted as you is written in the text itself. If you think you belong to a class apart from the rest, or if you think you are fundamentally different from those simple minded you have not understood the text, which would make you equal to them. It says clearly that all people are essentially one because they share a common collective consciousness. It also states clearly that the tendency to mental isolation is the root of a lot of troubles. Feeling better and above other people does isolate a person from the rest of society. We could even mention a third reason, and is that it is also written it is not good to focus too long on negative subjects. Feeling arrogantly superior to others can be considered to be a negative impulse.

So when you deal with this kind of knowledge in daily life there are some points you have to consider. It is very important to consider others people's feelings, to place yourself in somebody else's shoes. Especially those that are less fortunate need to be approached with a certain respect and compassion. In a way they are your brothers and it could have been you that was born as a stupid duck. It is important to have the right attitude towards stupidity because you don't want to get dragged into that way of thinking. And you definitely don't want to share the results of that kind of thinking.

What you do need to consider however is the fact that you also don't understand this text entirely and to the fullest extent. You have to deal with your own stupidity as well or at least face the fact one cannot know everything. I can assure you with the hand on my heart; there is more to this text than you think. And how do I know this about you? Well, since I have studied these subjects myself of course, and I know how I did react to it. Everybody reacts the same; they all think they understand while they don't. I thought I had full insight in the matter myself, on several occasions. Until it turned out there was a deeper level to it, I was completely unaware of before. Couple of years later I would assume the same thing again. And who knows, probably one day a man will stand up to say he can look into this matters even deeper than I can. One day it will turn out what you are reading here is not the ultimate wisdom, but the second to ultimate knowledge. Until then you will have to do with this text however.

Identification is like wearing a mask, but forgetting doing so.


Now, you might wonder how it is possible that someone is not aware of the fact he doesn't know something. The problem arises when I use the word realization. I tried to avoid it as much as possible but we cannot get around it. There is a difference between knowing something and realizing something. Knowledge arises when you read a text and fit its content into what you already knew. Knowledge is something on the level of the mind, the world does not change when you know something, or not. Realization arises when a person actually elevates in the way he sees himself, thereby taking another position with another perspective. Realization is on the level of reality. Having another perspective, another point of view, makes you actually see something else. When someone reaches the highest realization of reality, he does not only have a different perspective of the world, but the world became actually a better place. Because when someone like that walks around, the world has more options, more possibilities.

Some scientific discoveries are the result of a higher level of self realization of the discoverer. Some scientists change during their research, being focused on truth and reality. The deeper they reach searching for the truth about the subject of study, the deeper the insight in their own nature becomes. Until they actually change their point of view and see something different. After that the world also has become a different place, where this formerly unknown piece of information became integrated into the rest of science.

This text is meant to excel the speed of your progress. With the word you in "your progress" all the readers are meant, not just you of course. By reading this you became part of a theoretical group of readers of this text. The purpose of that activity is to stimulate and elevate the level of thinking and speed up progress of that group of people. Can you understand this concept? You read this so the level of the group rises. Since you are part of that group, you get that benefit as well. If you do understand this, you have read the text well.

The reason for this is of course the nature of true progress. The exceedingly intense realization of the collective potential by the individual, is a hard to grasp concept. Is it the individual that progresses or is it the progress of the collective that is reflected by the individual? It's hard to tell, because that depends how you look at it. What are the priorities of progress? is a more easy to answer question. Obviously does evolution proofs, the progress of the collective had priority. The word evolution points to the collective progress of living nature, at the expense of the individuals that nature consisted of. Now you understand this, don't you? So keep studying and the world will become a better place.

From the point of view of the individual, progress consists of ever deeper realizations of some concepts. This means that the person that progresses gets a deeper understanding of those concepts and himself, and also starts actually seeing them. Those concepts are basically: consciousness and unity. To the fully realized person those two words exactly describe reality as they perceive it. To the stupid nephews those words hardly have a meaning. They did not progress even though their body is the result of the progress that nature made before. The stupid nephews don't want to contribute to the progress of collective nature.

Others do progress however, and they get an increasingly intense understanding of consciousness and unity. The words progress and this increase in understanding points to exactly the same change, it is the same thing. So, the most goal-pointed activity a person can do is studying those two concepts. That is the quickest way to progress. Therefore we will explain them again, let's try to get you to progress even further. Don't tell me it is boring, I know that. Just stay with me and, just as it did before,

You will see that your understanding grows

CONSCIOUSNESS is not some strange foreign concept, you are conscious right now. But it is a very slippery word and it is hard to tell exactly what it means. You have attention, there is awareness and you are consciousness. All these words seem to indicate the same thing, so let me explain their difference: Your attention is fixed on this text right now. The word concentrate means to fix the attention on one point, focus on one subject only, locking the thoughts into one particular area. So attention is something you can influence, your attention is under control of your will. That is the reason it is the tool to influence the flow of thoughts, which is as such not under control of the will.

The word awareness means the field of awareness, everything that you perceive simultaneously. You might be concentrated on this text, but you could feel some kind of minor itch somewhere in your body at the same time. So, while your attention is focused on this text, you could be aware of both the text as well as the itch. Awareness is not under control of the will, it is a field, a fixed area of thought. Awareness is that part of the perceptions that come to your attention. At the moment you are reading this you are probably not feeling the contact between your behind and the chair. That is not within your field of awareness; it is not brought to your attention. Until I direct your attention to it, of course. Now, you feel yourself sitting in the chair. Do you understand the difference between attention and awareness? Attention is what you see right now, this text is what you are attentive of now. Awareness is what you have when you are awake. Your daily experiences fill your field of awareness that make up your waking hours.

Now understanding of the word consciousness gets very confusing because of the existence of the word unconscious. That word indicates someone can be without consciousness, but that is incorrect. The word unconscious got mixed up with the word unaware in the daily use of language by people that could not tell the difference. When we say someone is unconscious, we actually mean to say that he is unaware of his situation. That has nothing to do with the fact if someone has consciousness or not.

If we exchange the word consciousness with the word life it becomes easier to understand. To be without consciousness is to be without physical life. A person that is sleeping or knock-out is not without life, his consciousness is not connected to his senses. But he still has consciousness, just no awareness of his situation. His existing consciousness is not connected; the awareness is filled with nothing. The attention is not focused on something because of the absence of the will to steer it.

This consciousness is what you really are, your inner essence. When you close your eyes and forget your body, when you stop seeing and feeling and thinking things, that is when consciousness reveals itself. When consciousness is not conscious of something but not without awareness like in sleep, then it becomes aware of itself, of its own nature. This extraordinary state of consciousness that is devoid of a content of consciousness, being conscious of nothing, is the goal of meditation. Because during the period the mind spends in this state, it is slowly changing and progressing.

This is the change we call realization. The point of view literally changes from position, the perspective changes. First the centre of awareness seemed to be the thoughts, after the self realization, the centre and essence of a person becomes consciousness itself. First consciousness was conscious of the mind and thought it was the mind. Then the mind realized it was only the content of consciousness, the person that is thinking is consciousness itself. The mind and its functions is only something it is conscious of, it is not what it is. This mistake of consciousness to confuse itself with the mind is what we call identification. That is what we need to overcome in order to progress.


UNITY is the way to overcome that limitation in our functioning. Unity is a concept that has the power to block the process of identification. Don't forget: unity is a concept not a thing as such. Something can be in the state of unity, or it can be splintered and divided. The solar system is a good example of being in the state of unity. The sun and its planets move in harmony together, they behave as if they are one thing. Together they travel through the galaxy, being attracted and influenced by the centre of the galaxy as if they ares one object. Reality is a unity and we can find examples of this harmony on all levels of existence. And unity is also the state of mind of a person that has reached the highest levels of self realization. When the mind is in complete harmony with reality it thinks in terms of unity.

Unity can manifest itself on seven different levels:

First and main manifestation of unity is of course reality itself, the universe is one thing. There is absolutely no way we can be certain of the fact that the universe is one thing because we are part of it our self. Not only do we look at it from the inside, but we also perceive only such a small detail of it, we can't tell what it is.

There is black and there is white, but grey is their unity displaying both characteristics. There is you and there is me, and there is unity of mankind we are all part of. And there is you, the sun and the unity of the universe.

Our vision is too limited by time, distance and subjectivity to actually see the universe for what it is. We could name a number as the age of the universe, but it is more exact to call it eternal. That would include the future. We could come up with a number after measuring the size of the universe, but it would be more exact to call it infinite. That would include the space it is occupying. We could say how many stars there are visible from here but it would be more exact to call it a unity. That would include the stars we can't see.

The universe is one thing, what can I say, you are just going to have to accept that from me. The subject is not even open to discussion because no amount of technological insight can ever come up with any significant and relevant data. Such is the limitation of abstract knowledge, it is good at generalizing from details but it is insufficient when it comes to the whole. With linear logic it is easy to conclude that the universe must be one thing considering the harmony between the objects it contains. Unity must be a reality considering the complexity of physical existence and living nature. We have to be part of something bigger then our self considering we do not know how our own body exactly functions. This knowledge has to be stored somewhere. But let's make it clear that we are only discussing the structure of things right here. This is not the place to give reality names like God or Creation. The universe is structured as a unity, that's it.

On the second level unity does manifest itself as the structure of the galaxy. The countless stars and planetary systems that make up our galaxy called Milky Way form together one thing, one object. Our galaxy travels through the universe and behaves as one single object. Our galaxy interacts with other galaxies in the form of gravitational pull. Galaxies have gravitational interaction as if they where single objects attracting each other. We could say that galaxies dance around each other like young lovers.

The third level of unity is the structure of the solar system, as we have mentioned before. The whole existence of the earth, its shape, its constitution, its position, is a result of the existence of our sun. Obviously life on earth is completely dependent upon the sun's rays. The strict harmony that forms the solar system's movement clearly indicates that the sun and its companions are in the state of unity. It also helps to remember that both the sun as well as the planets where born from the same gas cloud and thus formed one object even from our perspective, long ago. We can't see that unity of the solar system because our eyes tell us they are independent spheres. That is because our point of view is not objective.

The fourth level of unity is the structure of living nature, as we have discussed before. Nature is one organism that does not store its information in one particular place, but rather stores it within the individuals it consists of. That makes it difficult for us to see we are not independently functioning beings that miraculously descended to earth, but rather units of a whole. Inside your stomach live tiny little organisms that help us digest food, without them we would die. It is likely these microscopic beings consider themselves to be independent individuals, but are they?

The fifth level on which unity manifests itself is the unity of your life span, all your perceptions as one thing. This is a thought that requires insight in the relative structure of time. From the moment you were born, until you will die you are receiving information by your senses. If you would have been a recorder that would make one heap of sensory input. You are not a recorder however, you are a part of that totality of perceptions. Your own body, your own mind, even your personality, are things that you see, they are mere perceptions. It is said, shortly before they die sometimes people imagine to witness a kind of movie of their lives, played within a moment. This is actually an impression of the totality of all perceptions, seen within their context of the eternal now. A whole life within a moment is like experiencing timelessness, eternity, but only for a limited period.

Your life as a whole, with all its impressions, is one thing also. Your life as one thing is like one brick in the collective wall of life. Like one apparently independent drop within the limitless ocean. Your life is one unit of the common reality, one face of collective consciousness. The structure of reality is unity; it is build up from units, like cells, that each reflects the nature of the whole. Your life is one of those units. The unity of things is acting to be you, and does that so well, it completely forgot it was only acting.

The sixth level is the unity of body, mind and consciousness. You are one thing, that is clear even though you consist of several very different components. The body-you and the mind-you are obviously one and the same person. Your body itself forms a unity as well, from all those different organs, functions and aspects you make one smoothly co-operating machine. You have a body and you have a mind, you have emotions and all kinds of activity. Somehow all of these things are you; you are the unity between all those different components.

We said that unity is the structure of reality, and you are part of that reality too. You are like a puppet made out of clay, the structure of the clay is also the structure of the puppet. The structure of the whole is unity, therefore the individual units this whole consists of, also have unity as their structure. The ocean is made out of water therefore an individual drop is also made out of water. So when we say the universe is a unity, we actually mean you, because the rest of the universe is not listening right now. You are a unity of components just like the universe is.

The seventh and most subtle level unity expresses itself to you is the cell structure of your body. Each cell of your body is a seemingly independently functioning unit that still bears the marks of being evolved from single cell organisms. The individual cell is not aware of the totality of the body. The microscopic level where a cell operates is too small to receive information about the condition of the body as a whole. It is most likely that the unity of the body is something that does not exist from the point of view of an individual cell.

The unity of all cells that make up your body does exist however. You can see that because the mind receives information on a much larger scale than the individual cell does. You can see your body is one thing even though you cannot see the individual cells this body consists of. So it turns out that the perception of the unity of things is a matter of scale. With an eye the size of the universe you could actually see it is one object. And with a microscopic eye you can see an individual cell behaves as if it was an independent being. But you know better. To you the unity of your being is something so clear, nothing can convince you to contradict that. You have already reached the level of realization of the unity of your own being. Progress is the same kind of absolute certain realization of unity on other levels. Maximum progress is a growing process, a sequence of realizations until the mind is in complete harmony with reality, and perceives itself to be an expression of the unity of the whole.

You can't change reality as it is, the only thing you can change is your mind. The only tool you have to do so is your attention; your only goal is the truth. Focusing on unity gives maximum result; it shows your real inner self. That is what we call consciousness, or collective consciousness to be exact.

So here we are, you, me and the stupid nephews gazing at the stars, isn't it beautiful? The difference with the first time we were doing this is, you and me now know what it is we are looking at. And we know what it is that is looking, that is pretty much of a progress.

I know you are still wondering how studying some words can speed up your progress. It looks like we never really discussed your particular situation. So now you have read all this, how is that going to help you improve your situation? You do understand however, it is not possible to mention specific situations because progress does not mean the same to different people. What actually would be an improvement depends entirely on where you are right now. But let it be said that more of the same hardly can be labeled as progress. So to most people more money is not the kind of improvement they need, more happiness however is something that is always welcome.

While we are looking at the stars let me tell you what reading this text does for you: Your mind is like a kind of muscle, when trained the right way it starts functioning better. This text is about those parts of the brain that show maximum results when trained. When you understand reality better and think more accurately you will know what to do to improve your situation. So instead of telling you what to do, I tell you how to find out for yourself. That gives maximum result of my effort, even though you rather would be told what to do. Finding your own path yourself however, gives you the confidence and self-esteem that you need to concur future obstacles to progress.

It all starts with practicing goal-pointed, result-orientated thinking: That means sitting down and taking the time to find out what progress actually means to you. What change could be called progress in your situation? This is the first thing that needs to be completely clear before you can even start thinking about how to reach that goal. It also needs the right balance between realism, what is actually within your reach, and the courage to strive for something new and unknown. Don't expect to suddenly become rich and famous, but take the time to develop the talents you have. Remember, progress is the development of the collective potential, which means that nature has given you more options as you are now aware of. You can do more than you think you can. Working to develop those talents is what you need to do to progress. You will see that understanding this text helps you to do so. Anyway, quietly gazing at the stars wondering about your place in life, is a very pleasant and useful activity.

So, I am robust Robby and I ask you what you think about it. Now you understand the ways of the wise men. And do you know why they act and think like this? Because it removes the obstacles for progress. Since the whole world is in that constant state of evolution, progress is something that happens automatically once the obstacles are removed. Do you want to know what progress looks like? Well, look around you, everything you see is the result of a sheer endless chain of innovations, improvements and progress. You yourself are the product of evolution, and progress is the word for the totality of activities you see around you.

Now that is what I call positive thinking

And do you know what progress looks like for you? Well, when you are clearly more content with yourself and your situation. When you can say your happiness has increased, and there is visibly more harmony in your interactions with others. What that exactly looks like depends on your present situation. But one thing is clear: Once you have reached real progress, you know for sure. Nothing and nobody can convince you otherwise anymore. Because that is the difference between real progress and any other kind of change: Real progress is the only thing that is permanent and will last. Any other change is just a minor temporary rearrangement of what was there before.

So how do you reach this increase in contentment and harmony? Well, this is where the parts about goal-pointed thinking will come in handy. Once you think more clearly, more focused and result oriented, you will realize the potential of yourself and your environment. It will turn out there are a lot of unexpected opportunities that you were not aware of before. Especially when you strive for improvement of the group you are part of, instead of thinking about your own situation only. A whole group progresses easily once one member is able to think more accurately and goal-pointed. And clear thinking is something you learn from doing the exercise I have told you about. Doing this meditation is the most result rewarding activity a person can do. Even though the exact opposite appears to be true. The result is not whether you are able to do the exercise well, no, the result is the clearer head you have afterwards. That will lead you to improvement of your situation.

You are going to have to practice however. The results will certainly not arrive without effort, and that means regular practicing in improving your thinking process. You will have to get used to a kind of mental hygiene, and detect it if your thoughts are not in harmony with reality. It should become a habit to be aware of what you are thinking, and remove the kind of thoughts that form an obstacle to progress. This removing is done by using the attention as a tool. Repeatedly focusing the attention to the opposite of what is false, negative or overly selfish, will improve the quality of the thoughts that go through your mind.

Be aware however this is not the case when fighting thoughts that are merely unwanted. For instance overly sexual thoughts should not be qualified as negative, but simply removed by focusing on something else. Changing the content of thoughts is as such no improvement of the thinking process, changing perspective is. Don't rate thoughts as negative unless they form an obstacle.

The most pleasant way to spend your time is to feel love. Besides continuation of the kind, love doesn't have results. To feel love is its own reward.

Truth is the verbalization of reality. Thinking true thoughts and doing honest things, brings one in harmony with reality. Only in that state of mind is one able to detect one's hidden opportunities and full potential.

TotemWhen you tell a lie it appears as if that could be the solution for something. But without you being aware of it, you create a new problem for yourself: Your own mind and perception of things change. Thereby deceiving itself. When speaking false statements the mind no longer relies on the reality it is part of. It will only be based on itself instead. That isolates the thinking process from the rest of reality, and makes the perceptions unclear. The hidden effects of lying are long term affairs. The mind remains circling within its own boundaries without being aware there are other possibilities as well. This incapability to see it is functioning very limited makes such a mind dangerous to others. Honest people still have dignity and a more clear vision. They will detect a person without pride and integrity. And will react accordingly. The liar will not understand why people react the way they do. From his point of view he is hiding his false nature very well.

Once you start lying it is very hard to get back to your original state of innocence. The effort of lying is so small, it is hard to imagine the amount of effort it takes to remove the results. Speaking the truth cannot be substituted by anything else. Only the honest can actually tell the exact line were truth ends and lies begin. The mind used to false thoughts cannot even see any longer what the difference is between truth and deception. Such is the power of evading truth; it clouds its actions to anyone. Even to the one that is deceiving Now, if someone asks you to hide the truth from another person, there is one thing you can be sure of: That first person is lying to you! It is certain that first person will deceive you about his or hers motivations to do so. Remember this the next time this happens to you, and say:


I am not here to make you deceive people; I'm here to help you to improve. Problem is: the devils will say exactly the same thing. So in the end you are going to have t decide for yourself, what is good and what is bad. My advice to you is that good is what is good for all, as long as no one gets hurt, and bad is what opposes your progress. Your mood will stay stable when you treat what is bad like you treat a cow-pat. You should be aware where it is but give it as little as possible attention. That should give you a direction in life.

Now, enough of this moralistic talk and let's get back to the thing we were doing: star gazing. Too much of this overly positive and theoretical stuff gets on your nerves, don't you think. I have been promising you exiting new insides about reality and the universe, and here is another one. Recently I was staring at the stars just as we are doing now and an idea hit me that no one ever thought of before. Something about the nature of the universe and how we came to be.

When I bow towards the universe, the universe is bowing towards itself.