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Hi, I am Robust Robby

I am the guide that will tell you about the ways of the wise men and the wonders of the world. People say I am a strange duck, you know, the kind of guy that says things like: "I am the personification of truth, and the stand-in for reality. Because truth is a verbalized and limited version of reality." Not that it actually means something, but it looks real cool when I say things like that. So when you hear me producing text like that, don't pay too much attention, I'm just showing off.

Over there you see my three stupid nephews. They are not interested in the ways of the wise men and the wonders of the world. As you can see they do have real small heads and some concepts simply don't fit inside there. They have no mental space for big thoughts, like patterns in reality. To them those words are mere sounds without a meaning. What is a pattern and what is reality? They will have no clue.


You, on the other hand, will understand those things when you pay attention. A pattern is of course a repeated series of events, and reality is the universe including you and your perception of reality. Those are difficult words, I know, but they are the only words we've got to talk about big subjects like that. Besides, this is the way I talk, using long words in sentences that seem to have no meaning. Like: "Insight in the patterns of reality makes you know what to expect". Does that sentence really mean something?

When my stupid nephews are making too much noise or are getting on my nerves, I start using words like perception and consciousness. That always baffles them because they have no idea what that means. What they cannot see does not really exist for the stupid nephews. Those are words that indicate a certain idea, not a material object, it's called a concept. The word perception is that what you see or hear or feel. The word consciousness means the fact that you are actually seeing and hearing. So my friend, make sure you are paying enough attention to my words, or I will punish you by explaining the difference between perceptions and consciousness. The difference between what you see and that what is seeing.


A concept is a short formulation of a well-considered and complete idea.

So here we are, ready to meet the ways of the wise men and the world's wonders. I'll take it for granted that your first surprise was to see me as your guide. I know what you're thinking: Can we trust this duck, you think, what does he want from me? Well, like I said before, I am the personification of truth. Besides, who else is there you can trust with subjects of this magnitude? So I am a strange duck, so what. Does that mean that you think that a duck cannot be a good guide that would be race discrimination. We ducks have our pride too, you know. Besides, if you think that I am small, well let me tell you: There once was a time when you were very small as well, but you don't even remember that, don't you. That is because you don't want to be reminded of the fact you were once small too. So I don't want to hear anything about a small duck not being able to guide people to the wonders and ways of the wise men, o.k.?

Now, what you are about to read is very important because you can make use of this knowledge for the rest of your life. Knowing what to expect in life is very useful. But you will have to pay a prize before the words written here will actually enter your head and become real knowledge. The prize you have to pay is that you will have to wrestle with those difficult words that seem to have no meaning. That is where I come in and I will whisper the meaning of those words in your ear. That is my job as guide, and let me tell you it is quite an important job. Never underestimate the power of an educated duck.


The universe is structured in regular patterns, with series of events
repeating in all kinds of variations

Have you ever looked at night sky, enjoyed the silence and wondered what it actually was you where staring at? Sure, we all know about stars and light-years, meteors and galaxies, but what is it? All those names and numbers do not seem to have any relation with what we see above us. We know the meaning of words like reality and universe but do we actually know what it is? That question is important to us because we are a little part of that universe ourselves. Our life is nothing but a struggle to deal with reality so we should know what it is.

What is it, the universe?

The stars we see at night remind us that we are part of something that is too big to grasp in one thought. Even though we have a name for it, the universe is too big to fit in one thought. Or such a thought would not fit into our heads. Anyway, that is the reason we look at the sky and feel a sense of wonder. In some people this sense of wonder develops into a healthy curiosity about the structure of reality. They want to answer that question about the nature of life and the universe. For those people these words are penned down. So you can look at the stars and know what it is you are looking at, and what it is that is looking.


A pattern is a repeated sequence of events. Recognizing this repeating series of happenings makes you know what to expect, once you have realized you are experiencing a part of a cycle. This can be done by analyzing the situation to see its relation with similar events. Analyzing means to think about what makes the situation to what it is, and how those aspects relate to each other. An aspect is a specific part.